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About Us

La Tienda Thrift Store provides quality used clothing, used furniture, housewares, used electronics and appliances with a variety of other items such as sporting goods, jewelry and shoes that are very reasonable priced.

 Joshua House provide men in life transition (homelessness, drugs, alcohol, broken homes, etc…) with a safe and loving environment to work on rebuilding their lives through Christian-centered discipleship training, with a special emphasis on appropriate behavior and practical life skills development in order to help them become self-sufficient. We focus on helping those from the South Orange County area. We help men in need that are willing to come into our program.

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The emphasis of the program is discipleship training, providing recovery tools and meetings. Teaching men appropriate behavior with practical life skills development in order to help a man become self-sufficient. We try to help those from the South Orange County area, however, we are willing to help men in need that are willing to agree to our program guidelines. View the guidelines here.

We ask everyone who wants to join our program to spend their first 60 days at the Set Free Ranch in Phelan, California. This allows for several important things to occur. First, ties with old friends, drug dealers and other unhealthy relationships are broken which has to be one of the first steps towards sobriety and recovery. Second, it allows time for the effects of drug or alcohol abuse to be broken and for the individual to begin to think clearly about life again. Third, it re-centers life back around God, His Word and the work of His Holy Spirit, which is vitally important to successfully completing the program. More information about Set Free can be found at setfreesb.com/ranch.html. You have to call to be pre-approved to enter for their 60-day program after you are accepted into Joshua House. Set Free Ranch Phelan, 3842 Coyote Road, Phelan, CA 92371. Phone (760) 868-3805 Get Directions

Please click here to download our program’s guidelines and the agreement that we ask each man to sign to before entering the program at Joshua House. Please read this document carefully. If after reading it, you are still interested in our program, please contact us at:


(949) 366-0121


Thank you,


Jim Glynn
Pastor – Joshua House

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Request for Approval of a Boarding House Permit For 104 Loma Lane, San Clemente

Helping those caught in addiction to heroin, opioids, meth, alcohol and other drugs has become a growing, expensive, and difficult proposition in Orange County, California.

The following article appeared in the  Orange  County  Register  Newspaper on  May  17,  2016.  “The number of people dying of drug overdoses in Orange County, California, has soared to the highest levels in at least a decade. According to preliminary coroner data, fatal drug overdoses climbed to at least 400 last year, a 6 percent increase from 2014 – and a nearly 63 percent jump compared with 2005 when the number stood at 246. The latest figures punctuate a problem that has rapidly multiplied in Orange County and the U.S. In the past five years, drug overdoses have killed 1,769 people in the county. The coroner’s office has cases awaiting toxicology results, so the 400 figure could rise. More than two-thirds of last year’s cases – 286 – involved opioids, a class of drug that includes heroin and prescription painkillers such as Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin. The numbers show Orange County has one of the higher rates of prescription opioid deaths in the state, 17th out of 58 counties.”



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Many of those caught in addiction in Orange County who need treatment do not have medical insurance or the financial resources available to help themselves live a clean and sober life.


Our Program

In light of this overwhelming need to help those caught in addiction and to try and save their lives, we are applying for a Boarding House Permit for 104 Loma Lane, San Clemente.


The central focus of our eight and half-year-old faith-based program called Joshua House is to help men, 18 years and older, who are caught in addiction get back on their feet and become productive members of society by providing them with a free, no cost, one-year-long recovery and life skills training program. There is also a second phase home in San Juan Capistrano, where those who graduate can rent a room for a very reasonable cost in order to continue making forward progress. Our capacity between the two homes is 16 individuals. The program consists of three main components: spiritual therapy, work therapy, and recovery therapy. The program is completely funded through the operation of La Tienda Thrift Store which is located at 510 N. El Camino Real.


Reasons Our CUP Request Should Be Approved.

#1. We are totally self-funded. We take no money from insurance companies, from the county, from the state or from the federal government. Our single purpose is to provide a great program for our community that helps individuals caught in addiction without placing a financial burden on families, insurance companies or any government agency.


#2. Over the last two years, our success rate has been over 50%; meaning that individuals completed the program, got a car, a job and their own place to live and they are still doing well. Many programs success rate statistics are based on the number that complete the program which


doesn’t tell the whole story – especially if it’s a 30, 60 or 90-day program. To be able to say that over 50% have graduated and have continued in their sobriety is quite amazing. There are five testimonials from local men whose lives have been changed by going through our program at the end of this document.


#2. There is no other program like ours to offer help in San Clemente. Not having this resource in San Clemente would leave a large gap for local families who need help. We not only provide a free program for those caught in addiction, we serve as a resource for many families who are struggling with how to help a family member who is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem.

Many times families need support and encouragement to stop enabling a family member and allow them to take the steps necessary to finally get help.


#3. Our neighbors and our customers love us. We have a great reputation in San Clemente. Many customers at the store develop positive, healthy, supportive and encouraging relationships with the men as they work at the thrift store. Also, many neighbors are regular customers at the thrift store. They know that we care about them, not just as customers, but as friends that we try to help in any way we can through things like discounts and free delivery when needed due to financial hardships. Single mom families count on us to help when school starts with clothing for the school year and other items like backpacks. We take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously. The truth is many who live nearby see us as an asset in the neighborhood as we help keep the alley between the house and the thrift store safe for all as best we can.


#4. We consistently try to help the city and its residents by taking homeless men and women who are struggling with addiction to other programs where they can begin to get help. Being able to help many of the chronically homeless means that you need to build a relationship of trust. That trust leads us to be able to say “let us help you” when the time is right. When they say yes, we typically take them to free programs called Set Free Ranches in Phelan and Lake Elsinore, California. From there many have started the journey towards learning how to live a clean and sober life and have re-established in places that are far more affordable than San Clemente.


#5. Our program is unique in that our staff is personally involved in the life of every man. Saying it another way, it’s not a business. We have them in our homes, we meet with them weekly in one on one meetings and take deep personal interest in their success. It’s not just the staff that the men become close with but the relationships overflow into our extended families; our children and grandchildren who look at the men in the program as part of our family.


#6. We are supported by most of San Clemente’s Local Churches.

Heritage Christian Fellowship, The Shoreline Church, Pacific Coast Church and Cornerstone Church have all helped support Joshua House over the years by sending teams to volunteer, do repairs and clean-ups or bring meals to the men in the house. These churches also support us by sending their members our way with their donations. They also use us a resource for families when addiction becomes an issue and their congregation members need guidance and assistance.


#7. Our staff are all long-time residents of San Clemente that care about our city and our neighbors. Pastor Jim Glynn came to San Clemente in United States Marine Corps in 1976. He was married in 1978 and has four children and seven grandchildren. Two married children live in San Clemente, one in Capo Beach and the other in San Juan Capistrano. He and his wife have lived in the same home in Shorecliffs for the last 32 years. Pastor Paul Spitz first moved to San Clemente in 1961, where he has been a resident off and on over the last 40 years. He currently owns a home and resides in the Coast development of San Clemente. Miles Mitchiner our Program Director was born, raised and continues to live in San Clemente in a home on Calle Vallarta.



Caleb Dane Haas: 19, San Clemente, CA

My family and I moved to the beautiful beach town of San Clemente when I was three years old. I went to Lobo Elementary School, Bernice Ayres Middle School, and San Clemente High School. When I was sixteen, I fell into the wrong crowd which led me to drugs. I struggled with addiction for almost four years. I ran out of options and needed to find a place that could help me get off drugs and put my life back together. That’s when I discovered Joshua House. I was accepted into the program and arrived December 16, 2016. I’ve been in the program for eight months now and my life has completely changed for the best. Joshua House has helped me reconcile with my family and friends, reminded me how to be a productive member of the community by volunteering at La Tienda Thrift Store, and most of all, Joshua House has taught me how to trust God with every facet of my life. August 4th was my one-year birthday of sobriety. Without Joshua House and Jim Glynn’s leadership, I don’t believe I could’ve come close to where I am now in my recovery. Thank you.


Devin Fitzgerald: 30 Mission Viejo, CA

In September of 2014 I arrived at the Joshua House after three rehabs attempts. I had been abusing drugs and alcohol since the age of 15 and had tried everything from county rehab programs to $30,000 for 28 days in a mansion overlooking the Pacific. None of them worked for me. One of the biggest differences about the Joshua House is the one-year commitment. I’d never been in a program that you could stay for that long. The fact that you get to work at La Tienda really helps to get acclimated to real life and helps you feel like you have a role in society. There are people at the Joshua House that volunteer their time to mentor and teach us. These are people that are going out of their way to help us because they truly care. It’s not a job or a paycheck for them, they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. The amount of overall love and care that Jim has for us is crazy, for people that he initially doesn’t even know. I’ve never met someone who would do the things that he’s done for me, but for him, it’s normal. It’s simply part of who he is. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jim and the time that he’s devoted to us as a group or to me individually. Since being here, I have a future. Joshua House has given me the ability to go back to school and create a future for myself.


Joseph Montour: 55, San Clemente, CA

Drugs wrecked my life for nearly 40 years and most of my life I’ve been trying to get clean and sober. After attempting to go through 12 step programs, I went to the Joshua House 2 years ago and went through their program. I am now clean and sober and I have become a different person. I am caring, loving and more considerate then I ever thought I could be. I had lost my job at California State Parks twice for drinking and they took me back knowing that I am now different person. I’ve been there for the last year, and they are very happy with my performance. I’m now in the secondary house in San Juan Capistrano I have very fond memories of Joshua House and working at the La Tienda Thrift Store. The fact that I am amongst my friends that were also in Joshua House makes it so much easier abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It is that accountability and the constant fact that I am a new creation in God. I will forever appreciate what Pastor Jim Glynn has done for me; he is truly an amazing man. My family is overwhelmed and I will continue this till the day I die. I had no idea life could be like this.


Cody Means: 28, San Juan Capistrano, CA

I started using drugs when I was 14 years old. I continued the path of alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamines for 13 years. After serving jail time, I decided I was tired of the way I was living and wanted to do something about it. I came to the Joshua House in August of 2016. I’ve been in other programs before, but never one like this.

Jim genuinely cares about me as person. He cares about my rehabilitation, getting me back on my feet and making sure I don’t repeat the mistakes of my past. I honestly feel like he would do anything for me. He’s the kind of guy you could call and he’d help you 100%. He’s helped me get my driver’s license and complete my G.E.D. For so long those things seemed so out of reach. But being in the Joshua House and accomplishing those things gives me hope and a self confidence that I’ve never had. I have a whole new outlook on life, I know now that I can stay sober and fight for the life I want.


Xavier Aguilar: 47, Dana Point, CA

I grew up in San Clemente, but spent 17 years of my adult life in prison. In 2009, in pursuit of sobriety, I went to Joshua House. My first attempt was unsuccessful and I was asked to leave the program. In 2013, Jim gave me a second chance and I returned to the Joshua House. This time, I was ready and able to acquire the tools I needed to not only get sober, but to stay sober. I am forever grateful to Jesus, Jim

Glynn and the unique experience that is Joshua House. I can honestly say that it saved my life and there is no way I’d be where I am today without it. I have a full life, great friends and a 3-year job at Trader Joe’s that is heading towards management. My time spent at the Joshua House was exactly what I needed to get my life on track.


Hello, my name is Emily Brink. I’m a lifetime resident of San Clemente. My father, Jim Glynn, runs Joshua House and the adjacent La Tienda Thrift Store. This is a role he has had for eight years. During those years, the Joshua House men have become family to us. My kids and I are at the thrift store at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. Through the years, we’ve gotten to know the

men who come to the program and to us they are family. Often, they tell me that we are the closest thing to family that they’ve ever had. My two kids Olive, 8 and Rex, 5 have become a bright spot in


the hearts and daily lives of these men. They tell me that when we stop by, it’s often the highlight of their day and we love it too. It’s especially amazing when someone new arrives, possibly skeptical and jaded at first, but then you see them open up and begin to change when they realize how different this place is. This is a rehabilitation center like no other. It really is a one-of-a-kind, unique program.


My dad meets with the guys one-on-one and as a group once a week. My dad also has his own friends, men from the community, who give their time and resources to help the guys. Whether that be with work, an encouraging conversation or a meal in their own home, these volunteers go out of their way to pour into the lives of the men at the Joshua House for nothing in return. My mom grocery shops for the house once a week. She checks in on them, makes sure the guys have what they need and that they are all doing well. My parents have had the guys to their house for Thanksgiving dinners, over to watch football games and taken them to a nice dinner when they’ve accomplished something great. This is not a for-profit business or an insurance check-collecting operation. The program is free to the men due to the rare set-up with La Tienda thrift store. To be honest, I hate even referring to it as a “program” because it’s so much more…it’s a family.


I’m not going to lie–it’s not perfect. Joshua House does not have a 100% success rate, but for many of the guys that come and get the help that they need, it is lifesaving. When I told my eight-year-old daughter that I’d be writing this letter she said “Mom, we should ask people all over the city to write letters–a lot of people would have really nice things to say!” And I agree with her. For all the loyal customers of La Tienda, the families of the men Joshua house helps, and the men themselves, there would be no shortage of “nice things to say.” I truly believe that if Joshua House ceased to operate, it would leave a major hole in the city of San Clemente.


Download PDF version. 

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We need the following gently used and in good condition items for resale in our store: Furniture, household items like silverware, plates, glasses etc… Gently used and wearable clothing, tools, working electronics and appliances, sports equipment, books, antiques, collectibles, jewelry and other items of value.

10:00am to 5pm Monday through Saturday
12 Noon until 5pm on Sundays

Our truck will gladly come and pick up your donations. We do pick-ups on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Please call (949) 240-0441 to schedule a pick-up.

All donations are tax deductible.

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Used Clothing


La Tienda Thrift Store has a wide variety of quality used clothing from top brand names such as True Religion, Lucky Brand, Diesel, Miss Me, Matix, Hudson, 7 for all mankind and Levis jeans.


We also have a nice selection of men and women’s shoes to choose from. Brand names like Liz Claiborne, Ann Taylor and Free People.


We have a Men shirts like Tommy Bahamas, Hugo Boss, Quicksilver, Dickies, Etc…


Used Furniture

La Tienda has a large selection of quality used furniture. We have Dinette sets, Couch’s, Dressers, Cabinets, Book Shelves, bed frames, mirrors, Tables, Chairs, and much more.
La Tienda Donations and Drop Offs storeinside2floor